Lord of the Ring: Re-Imagined

Brand new Game Engine

With a new game engine it allow us to use the latest technology, photorealistic graphics, improved mechanics, and so much more!

Introducing Shields

There will be a new type of warrior on the battlefield. Instead of 4 types of units to choose from we're adding an extra unit called "Experienced Warrior". He wields a Sword & Shield in combat, he blocks all arrows above his feet when blocking and is immune to magic when blocking.

Remastered Models

Every unit will be remastered, and we will put a lot of effort into them. All models will be more detailed and well thought out when we are creating different variant soldiers.

Better Animations

We will be recreating and adding more animations for executions, combo, walking, sprinting, mounts, etc...

Catchy Battles

Combat in LOTRC was very plain and boring as it was just a combo repeat system. In LOTRCR there will still be a combo system, but we are adding executions. Think of the game "Shadow of War" you can choose to execute an enemy once their health is low or you can just get it over quickly and not execute them. We are thinking of adding gore to the game, but this will be depending on what the community wants.

Cinematic done right!

Unreal Engine 4 is very good with cinematic, so we will recreate and reforge every cinematic in the game and possibly recreate some of the awesome scenes you had seen in the movies. (Helms deep, Pelennor fields, Minas Tirith, etc..).

Maps Changes

Maps will increase in size, more to a bigger scale as we have a more powerful engine than Pandemic Studio had at the time. We will add more to the map (props, details, etc..). We will working hard to delivered a top-notch quality experience to the player when exploring the Tolkien's world.

Improved AI

AI will definitely change as in LOTRC they're more of a useless opponent or ally. Our programmers will make them more skilled, harder to beat, and be able to do more things.

VFX!!! Why not

We will spend a lot of time with our VFX Artists on the team. We want the VFX to be well thought out and more appealing to the audience.


All SFX for this game will also be reforged. The voice acting is the hard one to beat but we are opening all chances of work to the community.