Lord of the Ring: Re-Imagined

Open Positions

We are looking for all roles

All roles are needed, and we would appreciate as much help as possible, but we really need these positions. Anyone can contact us for any help!

C++ Programming

At least 2 years of experience with C++/UE4.

Level Designer

Help with the art department on creating or helping others create levels with our assets. You'd be working on landscape, placing props, and making sure the game is optimized.

3D Modeling

You must be able to create models that meet our current standards.

3D or 2D Animation

Animation and skinning can be done in Blender (free to use), in Maya, 3ds Max and MotionBuilder.

2D Concept Artist

Concept Artist that can create human like or mutant like creatures, contact us with work.


Able to create VFX from explosions all the way to magic VFX

Material Artist

Must be able to create realistic 4k materials.